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Senin, 14 November 2011

#Anonymous : Now is the Time to evolve or Die

Anonymous was formed and birthed on the internet message board 4chan in 2003. The moniker Anonymous was derived as homage to 4chan. At the time, if someone posted to 4chan’s forums and no name was given then the post was credited to "Anonymous". Seizing onto the premise or the idea that actions can be taken anonymously by the lesser or powerless “Anonymous” moved beyond 4Chan and morphed into sometime larger and more potent. The original premise of “Anonymous” appeared to be a limited but noble idea; attempting to keep the internet open and free because governments and corporations were earnestly trying and demanding limits and restrictions to the freedom of expression on the internet.

To date “Anonymous” has remained a banner that many channers, as well as hacktivists and IRC users, post under and are loosely grouped together. Allied under the umbrella of “Anonymous” with no real command structure in the group, “Anonymous” remains an ever fluctuating mass of unknown identities that have often fancied themselves as cyber-avengers unfocused and more often than not unable to remain of the same consciousness even on an hourly basis.

History must be remembered and never forgotten, for the factual words of Italian fascist Benito Mussolini was stated correctly; “Fascism is Corporatism”.

As the gap in wages world wide become increasingly more disparaging a significantly increasing numbers of world citizens are being harmed and maltreated by the unquenchable greed and corruption of the evolving corporate state. As the wealth of the world has rapidly been consolidated into the hands of a small minority, governments are being bought and paid for and rapidly, one by one, turned over lock stock and barrel to faceless Corporations. These greed drive soulless concerns have not hesitated to use their power as an instrument of war as a means of increasing their power and profits. Sadly, as expected along with this ever grown trend it has become a fact that human rights violations are becoming even more extreme and cruel.

Since it is evident that the monstrous Corporations committing these unspeakable crimes are almost never held accountable, it is time that the young and the computer literate around the world educate themselves and become consciously aware which greedy Corporations are committing the horrendous crimes that effects the very survival of this planet and every living being on it. Because information is power, inform yourselves. Now is the time to educate yourselves and make your lists of these offenders!

By becoming more educated and informed on the global threat posed by corporations, is it possible that this idea, this premise of “Anonymous” could be channeled into the kind of tool needed to awaken global consciousness to the treachery of the global power structure. Could the true center of “Anonymous” that idea that “Anonymous” wishes to represent the truth to the world morph once more beyond its present form and limitations or will the nebulous vision behind the premise of “Anonymous” remain content to use their collective abilities for either good or bad simply content on a myopic and undisciplined path, depending on the inclination of the mob?

It is time to get off that fluffy cloud of illusion, get educated and get informed beyond such a small focus. Investigate the bigger picture, know your own power; inform others of the immediate threat of corporations and the growing take over of world governments, the biggest and baddest being taken over by fascism today is the United States of America. Internet freedom is the least of your worries now. Call it what you will, this is what Benito Mussolini correctly labeled Fascism my brothers. If you don't like it, you can oppose it. But if you ignore it and deny it; then you will remain a sitting target. “Now is the time to evolve or die”


Operation Brotherhood Shutdown : Multiple Sites Taken Down by Anonymous Hackers

Anonymous Hackers take down the The Muslim Brotherhood websites. The hacking group had made an announcement Tuesday in which they threatened to launch “Operation Brotherhood Takedown,” on all Brotherhood sites at 8pm on Friday, 11 November.

According to a video released by them on youtube as shown above. They claim to taken down following sites:

As of 2:24 PM EST, ikhwanonline.com IS DOWN.
As of 2:26 PM EST, ikhwanweb.com IS DOWN.

The Brotherhood claimed in a statement released on Saturday morning that the attacks were coming from Germany, France, Slovakia and San Francisco in the US, with 2000-6000 hits per second. The hackers later escalated their attack on the site to 380 thousand hits per second.Under the overload, four of the group’s websites were forced down temporarily.Anonymous is made up of a group of unidentified hackers who have previously attacked Israeli, Russian and NATO sites.

"...Therefore, Anonymous has decided to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood. We shall proceed to dismantle any form of its organization from the internet. Nothing will stop us. We will show no mercy."

Complete Press Release:
Citizens of the World,   
We are Anonymous. 

Ever since its revolution that shook the world, Egypt has had its fate undecided. Predators who seek to control are waiting to strike at the right moment. They are waiting to take over the country and make it so that another revolution is impossible. We cannot allow this. 
The Muslim Brotherhood has become a threat to the revolution Egyptians had fought for, some with their lives. They seek to destroy the sovereignty of the people of Egypt as well as other nations including the United States. 
The Muslim Brotherhood started as a benevolent group of people with fair and just intentions. However, as decades went by, corruption seized its mission of good and turned it into a power-hungry organization bent on taking over soverign arab states in its quest to seize power from them. They say this is necessary in order to unify the muslim nations into one islamic state, which is a lie. 
We will not allow this to happen. 
Their tactics are very similar to tactics used by the Church of Scientology and ideas implemented in Freemasonry. A person may join only when presented in front of the Grand Master, or the Murshid, and is ordered to adhere to a solemn vow, to follow all orders of the Murshid, without hesitation. They claim to be anti-freemasonry, however they follow distinct principles taken from it. If you were to leave the Brotherhood or present any threat to it, they would take it to offense and begin to intimidate you and put your life as well as your loved ones in danger. This has been experienced by many former followers of the Brotherhood, including citizens in the United States and Great Britain who realized they made a terrible mistake. The Muslim Brotherhood is a threat that must be dealt with. 
To those listening now, this is not a threat towards the religion of Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood, as well as terrorist organizations affiliating with the religion, defiled and destroyed the very essence of what the religion preaches. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood does not represent the true ideas of Islam. In our collective, many of us are Muslim, yet we fight against the corruption in society and the injustice that comes with it. 
Infused with its blatant, corrupt ways, the Brotherhood is now a threat to the people. 
Therefore, Anonymous has decided to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood. We shall proceed to dismantle any form of its organization from the internet. Nothing will stop us. We will show no mercy.  
Operation Brotherhood Takedown, engaged.
We are Anonymous.We are Legion.We do not Forgive.We do not Forget.Expect Us.