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Tampilkan postingan dengan label Phising. Tampilkan semua postingan

Rabu, 05 Desember 2012

Tips To Stop Phishing In Your Email Box

In many cases a person will find it difficult to determine what is a fraudulent email and what one is a legitimate one. Often we just do not have time to spend analyzing each email that we receive and below we provide some tips which can help to stop phishing attacks from occurring to you in the future.

Probably the best way to prevent any kind of phishing email getting access into your inbox is through the use of a anti phishing program. However these are not always the best way but certainly it is better than having no form of protection on your PC or laptop whatsoever. What is important for everyone to remember is that phishing emails are not spam and there are some programs on the market which can not actually differentiate between what is spam and what is a phishing email. Therefore when you are looking for a product to help tackle and stop phishing attacks then there are certain features that they should be including.

Blacklists – All good anti phishing products have been designed so that they should stop any known phishing emails from being able to bypass and get into your inbox. These blacklists will be able to specifically and easily identify those emails which are considered to be from scammers.

Content – If you can get one which comes with a content filter also this will then help to identify certain content within an email which is specific to phishing ones. Unfortunately just using a program that uses a keyword search for identifying whether an email is a phishing one or not is no good. This is because the phishing email can be too close in resemblance to what a legitimate email looks like. But by having a content filter feature in the program these are again geared towards being able to identify what is a phishing email and what isn’t.

Identification of Content Information – A good way for you to identify whether an email you have received is from a legitimate source or not is to look closely at the contact information contained within it. Normally a phishing email will contain some good links and/or phone number but also at least one fake link as well. Plus if they contain contact information from various different sources within the email then you should consider this to be an illegitimate one. However a good quality anti phishing program will be able to identify the coding tricks being used by the phisher within the email. Normally these scammers will attempt to hide their true URL by placing it within a link.

It is important that you remember that all phishing emails are very difficult to identify from either spam or those emails which have come from a legitimate source. But getting a program or product on your computer which contains the above features is probably one of the best ways of a person being able to stop phishing attacks occurring to them.

Source: antiphisingscams.com